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Table Assembly information

- All tables have been assembled and inspected prior to packaging and shipping.

- Legs are then removed and packaged in a separate box from the tabletop.

- The legs only require being screwed back onto the table in the exiting holes for the screws. 

-Screws and washers are packaged in the table leg box. Be sure to use the washers on the screws.

-The screws head requires a #12 Robertson screw driver (or #10 will work).

-4 Pads are enclosed with the screws for the bottom of the table legs to protect your floor.

-We suggest putting a blanket down on your floor, then the table top face down on the blanket to protect it from damage while you attach the legs to the table bottom, and pads to bottom of legs.

-Once the legs are assembled onto the table top-bottom, then rotate the table over and stand it up. We suggest doing this by carefully with 2 persons;  lift the table up by the table top, and then rotate the table to the standing position.

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