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Coffee Tables

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Coffee Table 1 

CAD $1,100.00

Yellow Birch table top beautiful reddish brown to light brown lines with beautiful grain patterns and one knot

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Coffee Table 2

CAD $1,400.00

Classic beautiful Maple top with beautiful grain patterns and intentional use of patterning in both directions

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Coffee Table 3

CAD $1,100.00

Classic beautiful Maple top except in this table there are extraordinarily beautiful small wormholes, and beautiful patterns of grain throughout the coffee table.

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Coffee Table 4 

CAD $1,800.00

One of our most highly unusual coffee tables in the 2021 collection. Very dark browns to light brown colors and spalting throughout. Gorgeous, highly unusual and unique.

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Coffee Table 5

CAD $2,100.00

Made from our extraordinary unique 2021 edition from blonde maple wood with high degrees of brown spalting, and other interesting discolorations throughout the top.

crop 1.jpg
Coffee Table 6

CAD $2,200.00

Made from an extraordinary maple tree which has blonde wood combined with brown coloured spalting throughout the table. Very unusual, highly beautiful and unique.

Coffee Table 7 

CAD $1,800.00

Beautiful white birch coffee table with a dark centre board and varying tones of discoloration.  Absolutely beautiful, with some worm holes. Beautiful balance of textures and lines.

Coffee Table 8

CAD $1,600.00

Beautiful coffee table made from three boards vertical versus horizontal in composition. Beautiful spalting, highly unusual gorgeous.

Coffee Table 9

CAD $1,800.00

Built with White Birch boards in the center of the table top, and the two outer boards being are beautiful blonde Maple boards with brown spalted lines. One of our only tables which combine different species. Bespoke, gorgeous.

Coffee Table 10

CAD $2,000.00

Built from just two beautiful spalted wide boards of our unique blonde maple tree that was harvested and found to have incredible medium brown to yellow to blonde tones.

Coffee Table 11

CAD $1,500.00

Classic beautiful Maple top with arrangements of the discolorations in the boards to be harmonious. Small knots interfering with the beautiful grain patterns, and darker discolorations, which together make beautiful matching patterns

Coffee Table 12

CAD $2,800.00

White Birch table, with the most incredible spalting of any of our coffee tables in the 2021 collection. Highly unusual, totally unique, lighter colored and multicolored shades from almost green to dark brown, and reddish browns to blonde, one of our most highly prized tables. Bespoke, if there ever was a proper use of the word.

Coffee Table 13

CAD $1,800.00

Built from just two yellow Birch board,s with the center board being our extraordinarily blonde and spalted maple wood with beautiful wormholes.

Coffee Table 14

CAD $2,600.00

An extraordinary blonde Maple top with center board displaying high degrees of brown spalting, from reddish brown to dark brown. A bespoke, truly unique piece.

Coffee Table 15

CAD $2,400.00

Built from our unique Maple tree, which is blonde with brown spalting, and worm lines. Highly usual and built from only two boards

Coffee Table 1 

Yellow Birch table top beautiful reddish brown to light brown lines with beautiful grain patterns and one knot

CAD $1,100.00

Coffee Table 16

CAD $1,800.00

Classic beautiful Maple top with beautiful discolorations that are match to create a simple elegance.

Coffee Table 17

CAD $1,300.00

A beautiful White Birch coffee table with boards that range from light coloured to darker coloured brown. Evidence of spalting and unusual color tones throughout.

Coffee Table 18

CAD $2,400.00

Outer boards White Birch and the center board spalted Maple from our light blonde maple tree, which has incredible  medium brown spalting lines. Highly unique, a real showpiece.

Coffee Table 19

CAD $2,400.00

Built from a combination of white birch and a large wide board from our light blonde spalted maple tree. Beautiful knot and other discoloration patterns. The contrasting boards create a bespoke highly unusual design. 

Coffee Table 20

CAD $1,100.00

Classic beautiful light brown Maple top. Simple, basic, beautiful grain patterning.

Coffee Table 21

CAD $2,000.00

Built from two boards of our highly unusual light blonde maple wood, which has incredible spalting of brownish lines. One edge board is white birch, which gives a beautiful contrast. The white birch board has pinkish tones as well as a reddish-brown strip running through it, and a darker brown strip at one edge. A truly unique bespoke coffee table.

Coffee Table 22

CAD $1,800.00

Built from our amazing tree, that has blonde maple wood, and beautiful brown spalted lines and other small discolorations running throughout the table.

Coffee Table 23

CAD $1,500.00

A highly complex coffee table, made from white birch. Many different coloured spalting effects, including greenish lines, and colourations from light blonde to dark brown, through various layers of brown, with a hint of green and purple. A really extraordinarily beautiful small table.

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