From Forest
To Table

It's my pleasure to present these beautiful and unique hardwood tables for sale:  41 dining tables and desks, and 23 coffee tables. During the winter of 2021, I created tables using hardwood from my own forest on the property.



We absolutely love our new wood coffee table and fits perfectly in our tiny home cottage in front of the fireplace. It is a beautiful piece, solid with lots of little subtle lines that make it a truly unique piece of furniture. We are looking forward to using it for many years to come.

—  Matthew and Kyla Nova Scotia


During the winter of 2021, I built 41 dining tables, desks and 23 coffee tables. I will be making more limited editions of tables.

The idea behind building the tables had existed in my mind for years, that I would one day build beautiful dining and boardroom tables from hardwood lumber I had milled from the forest on my property.  When Covid arrived in 2020,  I decided to do the Forest Table project.

Process & Timeline

Prototype Stage

From idea to reality. Autumn 2020

2 Dining tables, 2 Coffee tables are in use at the Home of Geoffrey Livingston.

Stage 2 - table design

January 2021

A month-long process, examining the dressed lumber, matching boards, and designing the tables.

Stage 4 

The second week of February 2021


Sanding, cutting to size and edging

Stage 6

April 2021


Legs onto tables

Stage 1

December 2020


Jointing and Planing

Stage 3

The first week of February 2021


Clamping Gluing and Rough Sanding

Stage 5 -  Hardwood oil finish

Late March 2021


Using ECO-House hardwood natural oil finish

Stage 7

May 2021


Finished tables - final inspection